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Finding Your Workout Routine Just Got Easier

Frequency XP is an exclusive fitness club found in the iconic Railroad Square Art District. FXP is a high-frequency, functional movement-based fitness program designed for maximum efficiency and results. All workouts and concepts are 100% coach-driven and are based on modern exercise science. 

Coach Fredericks is both highly educated and experienced in the health and fitness industry with over 20 years of academic studies and personal/professional practice. Coach Fredericks designed FXP for the busy professional. 

FXP workouts consist of 30-40 minutes of vigorous exercise. Formats are easy to follow and provide a variety of ways to challenge yourself. FXP workouts stress full body/myofascial activation to improve overall movement mechanics. Because constant effort is a requirement of FXP workouts, metabolic activation is high leading to body composition change.

FXP coaching is all about a simple strategy for complete behavior change. Health and fitness do not have to be a “lifestyle” to be effective. FXP coaching seeks to integrate health and fitness practices into clients’ life patterns with a “best-fit” approach.

Frequency XP features a limited capacity, appointment-based workout experience. The shop floor is a fun and relaxed environment for practicing personal fitness. The FXP community is dedicated to creating a culture of support and/or healthy competition. Flexible scheduling options make it easy to reserve your space.


1-Hour Assessment and Mobility Session

The first step is to undergo a 1-hour assessment and mobility session. The process consists of baseline movement analysis, body composition analysis, and focused mobility coaching. The goal is to establish familiarity and give constructive feedback. 

Fitness Assessment - $50 / 1-hour assessment



Finding Your Workout Routine Just Got Easier

Following the fitness assessment, a recommendation will be made as to what package best suits the needs of the client. FXP offers two monthly fitness packages and two 90-Day options as well.


Fitness Coaching
$120 - $170 monthly
Must Complete $50 Assessment First

Fitness Coaching Memberships are for individuals who are a baseline Level 1 Fit (based on an assessment)

  1. Zero or minor movement corrections

  2. Zero or minor mobility issues

  3. Zero or minor muscular imbalance


  • One monthly 1-hour game-planning session

  • Peak-time access and floor coaching

  • Non-peak hour access

  • Board and challenge workouts

  • Digital workout access


Fitness Training
$300 - $450 monthly
Assessment Waived

Fitness Training Memberships are for individuals who require detailed personal fitness training. Fitness training level may be a recommendation based on the initial fitness assessment. Factors that would contribute to this recommendation include:

  1. Need for intensive movement correction 

  2. Need for intensive mobility correction

  3. Need for intensive muscular imbalance correction

(Post-rehab, no or limited resistance training experience)


  • Unlimited coach access and case research

  • Advanced planning for specific fitness goals

  • Priority floor coaching and access to coaching during non-peak hour workouts

  • Customized workout experience

  • Digital profile and workout access


90 Day Fitness Plan
$300 or $750

There are two options for 90-Day fitness Plan packages, option 1 – with training and option 2 – without training.

Option 1 members receive Fitness Training Membership perks with this option. 90-Day Fitness Plan with Training - $750 (Assessment waived)

Option 2 members are digitally directed using PT Distinction®. 90-Day Fitness Plan without Training - $300 (Assessment waived)


  • 45 Coaching Sessions (15 per month)

  • 45 Min Custom workout plan (includes custom mobility)

Walk-Ins Welcome - $15 / Workout Session 
(Must complete $50 assessment first)

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