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FXP is a personal fitness solution that focuses on creating sustainable habits and not just a challenging workout. The foundation of FXP is built on science, community, and perseverance. The tools and knowledge FXP provides, coupled with a fun and inviting atmosphere allows our clients to overcome any obstacles, real or imagined, that may prevent them from achieving health and vitality.

More on Bill Fredericks | Founder | MS | CSCS 

FrequencyXP Fitness was founded in 2016 by Bill Fredericks. Blending personal experience and education, Bill wanted to create a fitness concept that maximized efficiency and results. Bill Understood that individualization was necessary to achieve his goal because of his own experience with health. Bill struggled for years with body image and inconsistency with daily living. It led him to study exercise physiology and eventually nutrition science at FSU. It wasn't until he was encouraged to seek help that he was diagnosed with ADHD. Bill was a grad student at the time, however was also a practicing fitness trainer and made observations that ultimately formed the idea of FXP. Bill is dedicated to using a scientific approach to fitness coaching and application. With advanced degrees and a knowledge of biochemistry and cell/molecular function, Bill’s take on nutrition and fitness is unique. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist with almost a decade of workout design experience. 

If you're interested in fitness, check out my new podcast "The Perpetual Athlete."

It's all about the science behind exercise, diet, and the mindset to overcome personal limitations hosted by Bill, drawing on extensive education and obsession in equal measure. 



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