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FXP is a personal fitness solution that focuses on creating sustainable habits and not just a challenging workout. The foundation of FXP is built on science, community, and perseverance. The tools and knowledge FXP provides, coupled with a fun and inviting atmosphere allows our clients to overcome any obstacles, real or imagined, that may prevent them from achieving health and vitality.


A Message from the founder

Personal fitness is just that, personal. Whether you are a weekend warrior or in search of a balanced, healthy lifestyle, we have a solution for you. No mater where you are starting or where you want to go, FXP treats all the same, as an everyday athlete.

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I have been working out at FXP for over 2 years. When I began, I had a nagging shoulder problem and was not in the best shape. Since I joined, my shoulder has improved and i have lost almost 30 lbs! Bill's system truly works for me!

Jamie Q.

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1006 Commercial Dr Tallahassee, FL 32310

(850) 765-1749

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