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FXP is an efficient and effective

approach to active Living.

Workouts are prescribed

with purpose and life-style

modifications are designed

to adapt to the individual.

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FXP Testimonials

I've been working out at FXP for over 2 years. When I began, I had a nagging shoulder problem and was not in the best shape. Since I joined my shoulder has improved and I have lost almost 30 lbs! Bill's system truly works for me!

Jamie Q.

I was involved in an automobile accident in my twenties. The results of the trauma caused me discomfort and I began to fear exercise. I was depressed and all but given up. Bill has helped my overcome that fear and with coordinated fitness and nutrition planning. Though I still have a long road ahead, I now have the confidence and help to reach my goals!

Mark H.

FXP has something for EVERYONE, regardless of age or fitness level. Bill will guide you to your specific goals with his expertise. I joined FXP because of a chronic knee condition that limited my ability to be active. I am a former athlete and could barely walk. The unique approach Bill implemented has greatly improved my well-being because i can now be active again including playing the sport I love pain free!

Leslie M.

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